Casa Garcés

The newly restored historic building, Casa Garcés will open its doors as a museum during the first months of 2011.

The building, which is situated in Calle Comedias, was built towards the end of the 15th Century and is very well known for its double façade on Calle de las Comedias and Calle Cardinal Belluga (not far from Sagitario decorations).

The restoration project has cost a whacking 842.000 euros and then a further 500,000 to turn the restored building into a museum.

Work originally began in 2006 and lasted 18 months without anybody having a clear idea what they would do with the building once it was ‘recuperated,’ so it wasn’t until towards the end of 2007 that a project was drawn up to turn it into a museum with all the modern interactive components.

On a closing note, just one of the many things to be enjoyed is one of the first cinematic works of the town.

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