Mapfre, Almuñécar

(NW) Whether it be car, health, home, motorcycle, holiday or pet insurance, a goof place to go is Mapfre. This very large insurance company has gone from strength to strength and has a strong presence in Spain, throughout Europe and Latin America. They employ nearly 17,000 people here in Spain and another 16,000 in America. With €48 billion in assets, you can be sure they will be there when you need them.

We have our motorcycle insurance with them and they were quick and efficient. When we needed to claim, they were keen to help. They have some great schemes too, like the Y Generation campaign, developed in Spain. Its goal is to know the real behaviour of young people at the wheel. For this a device connected via satellite is installed in the car in order to record the activity and use of the vehicle. This experience will adjust the premium to the driving habits of clients offering a bonus to good drivers and encouraging among the younger ones responsible use of the vehicle.

For the self employed or business owners they have Labour-risk-prevention courses, giving expert advice in the field of health and safety etc. This is very important if you are starting your own business, as the law in Spain is very different to other countries around the world.

The Mapfre office in Almuñécar, where Ángela or Andrea will attend to you, on Avenida Juan Carlos I, next to where Delfin books was. See how they can help you.

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