Cotobro Beach Problem

speedboat passes too close and too fast

Only last month we reported on a female swimmer who had been badly injured by the propeller of a boat, off the beach in Cotobro. Understandably, they certainly don’t want something similar or worse to happen again, which is why they are up in arms (annoyed and protesting.)

Yet this is not a recent development, nor did it begin with this incident, but did in fact begin in 2006 when a letter was sent to Costas, demanding a solution to the beach being used as anchorage for a whole flotilla of small craft – anything up to 20 in the summer. The problem is that these craft with outboard motors think nothing of approaching the beach to pick up or drop off people… with the propellers churning away just metres from bathers.

Costas actually deemed to reply and assured the concerned folk that they would maintain a stricter control of the situation, by identifying the craft owners and fining them if necessary for anchoring illegally. However, not a sausage happened.

Then, in July the accident occurred. As unpleasant as it was for the women, locals gave thanks to God that it wasn’t a child. As a result they are now demanding an approach lane be set out using yellow buoys, as is the case of just about every other beach in the area.

Part of the blame for the increment in boats using the beach for anchoring is the fact that the Town Hall supposedly installed a launching ramp…

“If the Town Hall is going to build that sort of facility, then they should have made sure that the beach is correctly sign posted and set out with bathing areas and an approach lane,” one local pointed out. The situation is made even more dangerous by the placing of a diving platform off the beach, virtually among the anchored craft.

Finally, regulations state that all motors must be turned off when approaching or leaving the beach, meaning that they should be rowed onto and off the beach.

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