Underhand Underwater Ways

The La Herradura diving clubs are not happy with the intrusion of other clubs from Málaga, who, according to our local lads, do so without permission or the necessary safety measures.

Well, what do you expect when you have probably the most spectacular diving waters in the whole of Europe: have treasure; expect pirates, right?

To be able to dive in the waters off the Costa Granadina, you need a licence from Capitania Marítima de Motril. You also need a licence from the Ministry of Industry to be able to charge your air tanks. You also need a special permit to dive off the Paraje Natural de Cerro Gordo, which is issued by the Ministry of the Environment.

According to Luis Pellejero, who spends more time under the waves than on firm ground, the ‘visitors’ from Málaga are lacking the lot.

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