Dave Darby

It has to be said, there is a distinct lack of news in the La Herradura area for this issue. It doesn’t help of course, that I am now languishing in Almuñécar, and therefore not getting all the little snippets that I used to obtain on a nearly daily basis. Also, with an eye to the future, I am off to the UK (in fact will be gone as you read this), for the months of July, August and September.

Anyone that knows me well will know that my wife Di, must return to work for those three months, after having our baby son Jack, and changing her three year career break into maternity leave. Now they want their pound of flesh, which means the Ed, and the lucky people of La Herradura will have someone who can actually string a few sentences together that actually make some grammatical sense, to write the section.

So I will be missing all the Blue Zone misery, crowds and extreme heat, and it will be up to someone else to find all the exciting bits of news and gossip in the village, and if you hear of any good stories being spoken of, then please email the details to the address on page three, and the Ed will chase up the story.

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