This new monthly column has been added especially for our female readers, with the focus being on issues and topics of interest to us. One idea I have for the column is to profile some of the innovative, inspiring and interesting women in our community. I want to start by introducing three women who decided to start a local women’s business networking group in April of 2009. The group, called WomenWorks, was founded by Arpi Shivley, Michelle Rumney and Glen Ladegaard.

Arpi Shivley is a professional writer. She has written guidebook content for the Lonely Planet, as well as written websites, annual reports, advertising copy, public health literature, press releases, executive speeches and concepts for employee events. She currently works as a fundraising/communications writer with the Shingirirai Trust. Furthermore, she is working on branding and marketing new products and services, most recently in the sustainable energy sector. Read about her and her work at www.arpishively.co.uk/index.asp.
Michelle Rumney is a Venture Coach – a term she uses to describe what she’s aiming at – helping people release their thinking and realise their dreams, their adventures and their personal joy in life. She is also a Creative Coach and runs a supportive, creative coaching group in La Herradura for people who are committed to a writing project – be it a novel, memoirs, play, script, blog etc. Her website is www.RoomOnTheEdge.com.

Glen Ladegaard is an artist and a Life Coach and through her unique GoddessGuide Coaching and BodyImage Therapy, she empowers individuals who’ve lost direction and purpose to break life-long negative belief patterns. In her GoddessGuide Coaching she uses GoddessGuide cards, which sharpen your intuition and gives you the light of insight enabling you to have the power for expansive change. Read more about her at www.GlenLadegaard.com.

WomenWorks is a growing community of like-minded women who meet for support, connection and networking. It has already grown to include 89 members. The group meets the first Friday of every month from 11 am to 1 pm. The well-organised meeting follows a pre-planned agenda that is posted online on the WomenWorks website www.womenworks.ning.com. Members are expected to help shape the growth and continuity of the group and the role of Chairwoman rotates between the members. Previous meetings, aside from the networking aspect, have included inviting keynote speakers, holding workshops, Mastermind sessions and having presentations and discussions on relevant topics.

To become a member, simply join by posting your profile on the website. This gives you access to the site where you can see agenda and venue for the monthly meeting, upcoming events, post blogs, forums, notes, photos and read about or communicate with other members. Membership is free.

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