Bed Solutions

How’s your back? Do you sleep well, or are you a tosser and turner? Are you on the large side, and maybe find it difficult to get comfortable. Or maybe you are just due for a new bed.
Whatever the reason, don’t go searching around, bouncing up and down on mattresses, when in reality, you have no idea of the quality or benefit you may possibly get from your purchase. Speak to the experts!
The really lovely guys at Cochoneria Zaragoza in Almuñécar, have more than enough English when it comes to the world of beds. They can tell you all the health benefits, depending on your age, size or any disability you might have.
Seriously folks, don’t mess around when it comes to your next bed purchase, on average we are supposed to spend nearly a third of our lives asleep… so you need a bed, and especially a mattress that will improve your sleep, health and posture.
Colchoneria Zaragoza, just down from the bus station in Almuñécar, in C/Cariñena, next to the Gourmet Bakery. Tel. 958 63 25 59.

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