Costa Granadina

Businessmen from the main towns on the Costa Granadina are sick to death of politicians putting into danger the chance of the coast receiving literally millions of euros. They claim that our politicians’ inability to agree on even one ‘tourism initiative’ will let 40 million euros slip by. The businessmen are outraged by this and strongly reproach the political class of the Costa Granadina for being unwilling to unite in a common cause for the welfare of the coast.
The ‘chance’ that is being missed is the Iniciativa de Turismo Sosentible (Sustainable Tourism Initiative), which literally pours money into areas that are able to present a combined and complete project. To qualify for this, both the business sector and the municipal administrations must work together and produce the required project.
And it isn’t so difficult, because eastern Málaga (Axarquía) have done precisely that and have received 40 million euros for their effort. Even back across the border to the north of the province, the Baza-Guadix High Plateau has received generous funds for its Paisajes Troglodíticos (Troglodytic Landscapes.)
So what the bloody hell is wrong with our local politicians, who give every appearance to holding their partys’ position over and above the well being of those people whom they are supposed to represent? That’s a rhetorical question, of course. Everybody knows that the obtaining and sustaining of power, with its personal economic gain and greater glory of the party is the prime motivation of these goodly gentlemen and ladies.
The Mancomunidad de la Costa Tropical (the local area council for our coastal area) is content to soak up huge amounts in succulent salaries and to use its’ very platform as a battleground between the constituent political parties: ferocious enemies before the cameras and back-slapping pals behind them.
And when we say succulent salaries we mean between 30,000 and 40,000-euro ones, together with the crippling cost of between around 10,000 and 12,000 euros in Social Security payments. Excuse me, did somebody mention something about a crisis?
The three main town halls of the Costa Granadina are governed by the PP (Salobreña and Motril) and the CA (Almuñécar). It is precisely these three entities that consider the Junta’s requisite that the Costa Granadina should form a combined private sector/public sector platform to work out a project together as a sort of power grab by the socialist-run Junta. They also object to every municipality having the same weight, which means that Otívar and Jete, for example, should have an equal voice as Almuñécar and Motril, for example.
But the PP and the CA are not the only ones rocking the boat because the PSOE, socialist-run villages of Albuñol, Los Guájares, Ítrabo and Castell, etc, said that they were not willing to enter into a project with Motril, Almuñécar and Salobreña because they would be discriminated against, they claim.
Might it be a good idea to sack the lot and tell them to go out and get a real job, along with the other four million Spaniards that are out of work at the moment?

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