Market Break-In

Market vendors of Salobreña received one hell of a shock when they turned up for business on the 24th of April to find that robbers had wrought havoc during the night, devastating their stalls and throwing their goods all over the place.
Many shutters were broken and workers spent hours trying to salvage what they could, most having to settle not only with losing stock, but also a day’s trade in what are already difficult times. In what appears to have been an attempted robbery, police suspect several individuals were involved due to the amount of damage caused and the number of footprints found.
The thieves left empty handed, though, as no large sums of money or valuable items are kept in the market place, and they didn’t seem at all interested in the food. Supposedly, security men were patrolling the area on the night of the robbery however didn’t hear or see anything untoward.

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