New Face

The Wind of Change blows through our beloved, yet rather ill fated, Salotril section once again this month. Supermum and regular contributor Vanessa has been snatched from her Salotril post to focus on rather more important, behind-the-scenes, Gazette work, and left me here to deliver you your monthly news fix. But don’t despair (because that would make two of us) it is far from the end of life as we know it.

There is just one small thing bothering me though and that’s how do I refer to the resident reader? You see, after cleverly amalgamating the two towns of Motril and Salobreña, the Seaside Gazette, in essence, created a new People (Martin’s out shifting mountains as we speak). ‘Salotrileño’ being the most obvious suggestion, however Salomotrilian and Mobreno have come up. In fact, I put it to you, if you think you’ve got a better idea send it in on the back of a postcard (along with any other news items or upcoming events you feel I should cover) and win yourself the glory of having thought of the best name.

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