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The European Certificate of Succession

August 17, 2015 marked the introduction of new European rules (regulation 650/2012), that introduced a number of important developments in inheritance law, which will be applicable in the European Union (with the exception of the UK, Ireland and Denmark)

New Fiscal Reform 2015

2015 will be a year of change from a fiscal point of view. While there will be many fiscal reductions, there are areas where taxation rates will increase. Below is an overview of these changes

Non-resident Tax on Unmovable Property

Non Residents in Spain owning a property in Spain are like in most countries subject to taxes. In most cases the taxes related to a property that a non-resident will have to pay are less than what a resident would pay. Here is brief outline of what non-residents are expected to pay.

The New Spanish Law on Private Security 2014

The new law 5/2014 of the 4th of April on private security (in Spanish Ley 5/2014, de 4 de abril, de Seguridad Privada) will take effect on the 4th of June 2014 and is already generating a lot of criticism. It is an update of the law 23/1992 of the 30 of July regulating the usage of private security firms and the behaviour of their employees. This law has a very wide range of applications; covering private guards services (the guards that for example work in Banks and shopping malls), private detectives, alarm and video security systems companies, IT security firms and bodyguards.

Income Tax Returns Year 2013

MLVelascoThis year the Spanish tax office has started earlier than ever its campaign for collecting income declarations of residents in Spain, referring to the calendar year 2013; nevertheless the deadline for presenting the declaration is still 30 June 2014.