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Pass The Water, Please

We received a press release from the Comunidad General de Regantes de Bajo Guadalfeo (irrigation-water-users collective) in which they demand, on Almuñécar, Otívar y Jete’s behalf, that water from the Béznar Reservoir be piped to their valley (El Río Verde).
The problem is that the rainy winter period has drawn to an end very soon the farmers along the valley will have to use energy-consuming pumps to draw water from the wells along the valley. The real problem, of course, is the hike in the price of electricity, which is not being reflected in the price of their crops at the fruit-collection & distribution warehouses (lonjas).
What is being proposed is an 800m-long tunnel to link the reservoir to the Río Verde valley at the 400m-height level, using 8-km of pipe and costing 8,000,000 euros.
“The electricity consumption saving achieved – more than 2,000,000 euros per annum – would help Río Verde tropical fruit farming to survive,” pointed out a spokesman of the CGRBG.

Rules Dam

On another outing, (the Gazette knows no bounds in bringing you all the news) we took some visitors from the UK up to the Rules Dam.