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Revealing Fire

The fire service was called to put out a fire in a flat, but whilst they were busy doing that, they couldn’t help noticing 171 marihuana plants…

Maintenance Misery

Finding the money to pay your ex her maintenance can be difficult, the case of Cándido Gutiérrez is probably the toughest, as the maintenance that he has to pay his ex-wife is actually more than he earns – which could a bit tricky on the money-juggling front. In February 2009 his 15-year long marriage fell…

Mother-in-Law Wasn’t Murdered

A trial by jury concluded with a couple being found ‘not guilty,’ of deliberately shooting the woman’s mother. This was just as well because the man had already been in prison pending trial since 2009. The man, however, was found guilty of the illegal possession of a firearm.