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Crowdfunding: Legislation in Spain

Crowdfunding is a financing model that is rapidly gaining momentum all over the world. It works by collecting monetary contributions from a large number of people through an internet platform, with the objective to finance a project or a venture. The model works around an internet platform (in Spanish plataforma de financiación participativa, or “PFP”),…

Renovation Works and Rental

When renting a property, it is not always obvious who has to pay for works in the premises. In Spain the law is clear about the responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant. Law 29/1994, applicable to both residential use and commercial use, makes the distinction between two types of works: Maintenance works and Improvement works.

Unfinished Building Projects

This month we take a look at bank liability in court cases regarding unfinished building projects. When you buy a resale property it is quite easy to check that the building and the construction quality correspond to the specifications in the property description. For off-plan properties, as you might expect, this is much more difficult…

Comunidad Ins and Outs

When you own a property in Spain, you will most probably belong to a community of owners or residents association, except where your property is a detached house and not within an urbanización.

Enforcement of Foreign Judgements

It is becoming common nowadays to see lawyers from countries within the EU requiring the enforcement of sentences passed by tribunals in other EU countries. For example, if your debtor has moved to Spain, leaving no assets in his home country, you can still enforce the legal resolution in Spain. Another example is child custody…

Reform in Traffic Law.

The Ministry of the Interior and the Traffic Department (Dirección General de Tráfico or DGT) have recently issued information regarding the new traffic laws that came into force in May.

Changes in Building Regulations

Article 92.2.a) of the Andalusian statutes state that the municipal councils are responsible for urban discipline and are answerable to the Junta de Andalucía. The emphasis of these new regulations is placed on the restrictive part of the law, that is to say severe fines and demolition orders.

Losing Your Home

Although interest rates are at a historical low at present, the economic crisis, the difficulties in the housing market and the euro’s strength against other currencies are creating serious problems for some families when it comes to making their mortgage repayments.