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Triple C…

In the January issue we were broadcasting doctor’s dislike of vitamins. This time we are in good humour and would like to inform you about what we LIKE: triple C – that is coffee, cocoa and… cholesterol! Yes – you may trust your eyes! This is finally a positive message about western-worlds-worst-health-enemy (WWW.HE): cholesterol. Whilst the manufacturers of cholesterol-lowering-medicines (CLM – modern magazines need abbreviations) are trying to convince the public that everybody should be taking one of their fabulous pills, there is the first signs that their best customers might be dropping out.

How Necessary is Screening?

Screening is meant to detect health problems before their ‘owner’ gets aware of them. Many ailments do only cause problems, complaints or even pain, once they’re too big to be treated successfully. Therefore one wants to find a problem that is still small enough to be healed.