Teens Down A Well

Two 15-year olds fell eight metres down a well but fortunately neither came to grief and were found only to be suffering from mild hypothermia.

SPN Teens Rescued from WellThe incident took place last Saturday night on the grounds of an abandoned property in Nambroca (Toledo) near a football field, when the covering over the well gave way, causing the two teens to plummet down the shaft.

Thanks to the rapid response by the Toledo Fire Service, coupled with the quick reflexes of the victims who managed to grab hold of a pipe to prevent going under, a fatal outcome was avoided.

As soon as the fire personnel arrived they threw down floats for the teenagers to hold onto whilst getting out rescue equipment; i.e., ropes and harnesses.

As soon as they emerged, the two victims were taken to the Hospital Virgen de la Salud in Toledo for a check up. The were soon allowed to return home with their parents who had been anxiously waiting in the hospital.

(News: Nambroca, Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha)

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