Spain Mans Borders

SPN Minister of the InteriorThe Spanish Government has just decided to reestablish control over its land borders, commencing at midnight tonight.

This means that foreigners, other than those who reside here, will not be allowed to enter.

This decision was taken after the official number of those infected by Covid 19 reached 9,191 confirmed cases.

This border control will not restrict freight transport, diplomatic missions or those that carry documents that credit reasons of force majeure.

“The objective [for this decision] is for us to be united against coronavirus and guarantee [public health],” explained the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, via a video-conference with his European counterparts.

Editorial note: many readers will have questions so we will try to find out more information on the consequences. Logically, however, this means entry into the country will be restricted – not exit from it, as far as those seeking to catch a ferry home go.

Should the British Government do the same, it will affect non-British citizens entering the UK and not British citizens wishing to re-enter.

(News: Spain)


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