Tonight’s Shopping Night!

ALM Shopping Night 18th August 01Well it is in Almuñécar at least! Councillor for Commerce, Paco Robles, announced that over 120 businesses would be participating.

This means that the heart of Almuñécar known as the Centro Comercial, will have their doors open until the early hours of tomorrow.

Sr. Robles, who used to run a an interior-design shop on Calle Real, knows from personal experience how hard it is for small businesses to compete against Internet and fully backs such initiatives to help local traders.

It’s a good idea as tourists spend most of the day when shops are normally open on the beaches, so being able to shop right into the night brings both something extra for tourists and a helping hand for local shops.

Tourists and residents will not only find shops wide open in the cool of the evening, but will also find a bit of live music and students from local dance academies putting on street performances.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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