Foreskin Fix

WLD the snipFor many years there has been a debate as to whether circumcision is necessary, with some men complaining that their circumcised penises are lacking in sensation. However, the issue of too much foreskin is usually treated in this way and of course religious issues come into play for many others.

Well, if you are a man who regrets the loss of his foreskin… there could soon be help at hand! A medical company in the US says it is on the very point of developing a treatment that would regrow foreskins.

They claim the system is much the same as a lizard regenerating its tail and they are hoping to, “help heal the physical and psychological damage that is inherent to circumcision.”

The company goes on to explain, “the foreskin is not an optional extra for a man’s body.”

The creatively named Foregen says that although the treatment has not had any clinical trials thus far, but they claim foreskin fibroblasts have actually generated new skin in the lab.

“We are aiming for human trials as soon as it is safe to proceed”

So when will we see this treatment being performed on humans? “Very soon, we hope,” was the answer.

I asked a circumcision surgeon if he liked his job… he told me, “the money’s rubbish, but you get plenty of tips.”

That last paragraph might not be entirely true…

(News: World – First published: Feb 2015)

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