Abused by a Demon

A young woman in Capdepera (Palma Mallorca) reported that she had been sexually abused by a demon; or better said, a man dressed up as one, during the local fiestas.

The disguise known as a Dimoni, is part of the attire worn duringthe Correfoc fiesta in Cala Rajada, which takes place during the summer.

The Guardia Civil said that they know that the woman had made a verbal report to the Policia Local, but had not submitted a written complaint; hence they had no record of it.

It is worth pointing out that the Guardia Civil deals with Criminal Law and the Policia Local deal with Civil Law: if, say, there is a road accident in a town centre but nobody is hurt, the Policia Local will handle it; i.e. fines, etc. However, if somebody is injured or killed, then there could be criminal liabilty involved, so the Guardia will deal with it.

(News: Cala Rajada, Palma, Balearic Islands)

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