House Cleaner Arrested

ALM Stolen Jewellery OnLA woman in her late 30’s has been arrested in Almuñécar, suspected of stealing her employers’ jewellery whilst carrying out cleaning chores in several houses.

The woman’s partner is also being investigated as he is suspected of selling off some of the stolen valuables.

The majority of the stolen-valuables were sold, the police believe, via a gold-purchasing establishment in Almuñécar.

Such businesses are under obligation to file a report every 15 days with the Guardia Civil, either electronically (Internet) or as a physical report, to the nearest Guardia Civil post. The report has to contain details of the seller’s identity documents, as well as a photo of the valuables purchased.

Thanks to these reports the police discovered that the suspect had made a total of 33 sales in the same gold-purchasing shop in Almuñécar, which raised a red flag. Many of the valuable objects bore personal names that had no relation to the suspect or her family.

Investigating the woman further showed that she had worked as a house cleaner in dozens of houses over the years. Furthermore, at least five of these houses had reported stolen jewellery.

The police have made a public request for anybody who has lost jewellery in this way to come forward because they have stolen items that have not had their owners indentified.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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