Reader’s Letter: Chemtrails

RLE ChemtrailsHi Dave Darby
You may already be aware of this phenomenon; the question of chem trails from high-flyer jet aircraft. I have been very sceptical about all this until this week!

On Thursday at about sunset I counted 14 jet trails across the sky, north to south with a westerly wind blowing – and very closely grouped. We have also heard about the Mayor of Valencia being denounced and her alleged collusion with chem trails.

My son is a great believer that this sort of thing has been going on for years and yes there is much on the net, to be believed or not. But one of the things my son says one ought to be aware of is that chem-trail aircraft have a trail from the tail of the aircraft not the engines.

With this in mind I looked this morning, with my binoculars, at two or three aircraft flying over and all did not have trails from their engines!

The unusual point to be made is that, up until recently this was not an area where many commercial aircraft fly over and to suddenly get this influx seems very unusual.

The more serious point is what chemicals are we being bombarded with and is it having an effect upon our weather/health; namely, more and more winters with little rain. The last winter we had with adequate – and some say, too much – rain, was in the winter of 2009/2010.

You may or may not choose to write an article about this but many people are remarking at how odd it is at the sudden accurance of so many jet trails at one time!

Kind regards
Mike Warrington Salobrena

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