Shootings on a Trawler

SPN Trawler Shootings OnLWhen you’re out fishing in pirate-invested waters, you take security personnel, however, you don’t expect them to shoot each other.

That is, in effect, what allegedly happened on board the Basque trawler, Txori Gorri, 90 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia around the beginning of the month.

It appears that security guard Juan José V.C. shot and killed his boss, José Manuel M.M. as a result of extensive ill feeling between them, and then several hours later took his own life.

The third member of the security team aboard tried for hours to calm his colleague down after he had locked himself in his cabin, following the shooting, but could not prevent him from taking his own life with a shot to the chest.

The trawler with its 30-odd people aboard, spent four hours in turmoil between the first shots being heard and the aggressor committing suicide.

Some of the crew took refuge in the engine room, whilst others occupied the bridge – they thought that they could be under pirate attack again as they had been attacked by pirates four years previously.

According to the security company, the attacker was an ex-member of the Spanish legion. The company also pointed out that contracts for protecting trawlers are becoming scarcer since pirate attacks in the area have dwindled.

(News: Spain)

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