Town Hall Eviction?

Before you jump to the conclusion that the Town Council has been evicted from the town-hall building, we should explain that it was a building that they had been leasing as a day centre for the elderly.

If something doesn’t happen in the meantime, this coming Monday, the 25th of June, the bailiff will turn up outside the day centre in the Las Angustias area of the town with an order to evict the users and staff.

The fact is that the Town Hall hasn’t paid any rent in three long years – although you can be sure that the councillors haven’t had any problems receiving their salaries in the meantime, of course.

The premises owner took the Town Hall to court for the 38,104 euros owed to her, plus 30% interest on the debt and the court costs – all told some 50,000 euros.

The closure of the premises in Calle Cyca will leave 350 users without their day centre.

So what does the governing party have to say? The Councillor for Social Services says that nobody is going to find themselves out on the street and that an alternative premises on the ground floor of the Resident Associations offices. According to the said Councillor, Angeles López Cano, the elderly residents are “enchanted with their new location.”

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)