Wok Yuan Motril

What can I say? After lots of anticipation over the opening of Wok Yuan in Motril, we have been rewarded for our patience!
This restaurant is not just impressive in its size; they also have a separate eating area for smokers, and throughout, the minimalist Asian décor is superb and of course, so is the food.
I took my son there to eat as I know the owners very well from the China Yuan restaurant in Salobreña, and we were greeted with big smiles as they showed me their new venue.
If you like Asian food, this will be one of your main eating places on the costa.
You chose your food, all fresh and uncooked. I had the ‘wooden ear’ mushrooms, Chinese mushrooms (that I love), with prawns, calamares, and spring onion, chicken, mushrooms and bamboo shoots. I then took my plate over to the Wok area, where there is a huge range of sauces in which you can have hour food prepared, and I chose the ‘house sauce.’ There you have it, the freshest ingredients prepared right in front of you! Perfect.
There is a wide selection of foods to have cooked on the grill as well, like huge tiger prawns, fresh fish, shell fish, meats, kebabs made up of chicken, prawns and lamb chops. All of which can be accompanied by rice dishes, pastas and other goodies from the buffet, alongside other Asian favourites.
Do you like suchi? I certainly do… and there is a great selection of these treats available, as well as a dessert counter full of tasty treats.
So where can you get this wonderful taste of the Orient? Come to Motril and you will find Wok Yuan in Camino de las Ventillas, in front of the Cespa petrol station. Don’t get lost! If you can find the tourist information office, just continue to the roundabout, and you’ll see the Cespa sign.
Come and rediscover Asian food!
Wok Yuan, Camino de las ventillas n.2, Motril.

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