Ahoy Boat Owners!

One of my favourite people to bump into as I do my rounds is Pep Benaiges de Altube. Years ago, I can remember Spanish people saying to me that they thought that David Niven epitomised the typical Englishman. Well, Pep is definitely everything you would expect from a Spaniard if you watched films or read books about Spain. He is a charming family man, with an air of the artist about him, as well as being extremely good company. There’s no communication problem either, as Pep speaks excellent English.
Enough about what a thoroughly nice chap he is… he also provides insurance cover on everything from your car and home to your life.
And now that summer is here, don’t forget to get some cover for your boat as well. Whether it’s motor or sail powered, Pep can provide cover at extremely competitive rates, with third party, fully comp., and fully comp. without excess all available.
So, when you put to sea, to show your visitors what a master of the waves you are… get clever and get covered!

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