Sometimes, even us car owners need the services of a taxi. Whether we’ve broken down or have just had one or six too many, and need to get home to our bed without going via a Guardia Civil cell.
José Antonio Carrascosa Garcia drives taxi number 21, but don’t let the name fool you into thinking there would be a lack of communication… this very nice, reliable chap spent much of his early life in Germany, and speaks fluent German and English!
If you just require a taxi, José is your man, but he is also available for excursions and airport runs. So, remember, ‘Taxi 21’ José, and the number to ring is 629 87 17 04. Make a note of it, because you never know when you might need it… Don’t leave that airport run to chance or worry that you haven’t got the directions quite right with the driver, be understood and on time!
Taxi 21, Avenida Costa de Sol, 28, Edif. Miranda III – 1A, Almuñécar

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