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By Zen2net

Attention PC Lovers: Towers are back - in all sizes and customized! »

Behind the Scenes

By Zen2net

Most of us now take the ubiquitous PC, laptop and mobile device for granted; they are everywhere and all look pretty similar. »

Our Virtual Environment

By Zen2net

In 1938 a Portland, Oregon pharmacist named Edwin Eugene Mayer took the first steps toward the creation of the 3D View Master - Was this perhaps a precursor of today’s VR world? »

Travel in the 21st Century

By Zen2net

Not only do people want to communicate via phones/Smartphones/tablets/laptops, they want to be able to surf the web whenever they want from everywhere. »

IoT = The Internet of Things

By Zen2net

The “Internet of All Things” is part of our daily lives and becoming more so. Some previous articles have been about the many ways that software applications are being employed and the newest hardware available. »

Gear up for Gizmos

By Zen2net

Whenever a new year rolls around, the tech industry eagerly awaits the popular Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year’s event broke all attendance records and no wonder, with breakthrough technologies being launched left and right. »

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

By Zen2net

The annual gift-giving season is upon us and no doubt high on the list of 'must haves' are Smartphones, tablets, E-book readers, and laptops. Leaving the cost and towers out, the question is: which is better? It seems that smaller devices do so much already. But there’s more to consider. »

Stock Market Indicators

By Zen2net

One aspect affects everyone uniformly: CyberCrime. By this we mean any form of malware, botnet, phishing, virus, hacker or identity thief that invade our lives – and they are everywhere. »

Zen2Net Moves!

By David Darby

Firstly to let you know that Zen2Net in Almuñécar will be closed until 30th September. But more importantly, they're moving shop! Where to, I hear you ask? »

All-Season Bugs

By Zen2net

Summer is upon us and with it come mosquitoes, flies, and other pesky bugs. In the PC world, “bugs” exist in several forms but many people are still confused by the terminology so we thought a refresher might be handy. »

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