Interviews with movers and shakers in all areas covered by the Seaside Gazette

All-Party Interview

The governing party and the three opposition parties were faced with the same questions. Each responded as they saw fit and the Readers can judge for themselves whether these politicians answered the questions, or merely ‘responded.’

Interview: Juan Carlos Benavides (Mayor)

TSG: Last month there was lots of ‘turbulence’, so what we would like to do is put over your take on things.
JCB: OK, let’s go
TSG: There were many people that didn’t agree – did not understand why – the road works on the Avenida de Andalucía had to start just before Semana Santa. We put in last months Gazette that we had spoken with the Town Hall engineer who said that Almuñécar was tied to a start date as far as the grant was concerned. Could you add anything to this?