The Plastic Problem

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
By Vivienne Hughes

MOT Greenhouse PlasticThere have been many articles in the news lately on the growing plastic-contamination problem in our oceans and seas. Locally, Motril fishermen have also raised the alarm.

When they’re out around our waters they pull onboard a lot more than just fish in their nets because the amount of rubbish out there is really depressing: plastic bottles, and especially rubbish in general that comes from the plastic greenhouses.

For this reason the Motril fishermen are asking for more support from politicians, because this problem is not only damaging the environment but also the fishing sector. Above all, they say, there needs to be more organisation and means for the disposal of agricultural waste.

Ignacio López-Cabrera, who is the President of the Motril Fishermen’s Guild, is concerned that the planned increase plastic greenhouses in the Motril area will also mean a growth in the amount rubbish from these installations ending up on the seabed and in their nets.

He also explained that he is not against a growth in that sector but that he considers it a necessity that it brings with it a rubbish management plan capable of dealing correctly and efficiently with the rubbish being produced.

During 2014 a project entitled Ecopuertos created by the University of Cádiz brought about the removal of 47,000 objects from the seabed around Motril.

As for the political sector, the Partido Popular in Motril have said that they will pick up the gauntlet and would put forward such a plan at the next Plenary Meeting of the Town Council. The PP have also been in contact with the hortocultural sector to find out what deficiencies exist when it comes to disposing of greenhouse-generated refuse.

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In the report submitted by the PP in points out that neither the refuse-treatment plant in Vélez de Benaudalla or the Punto Limpio managed by the cleaning company, Limdeco, are sufficent for the task.

They therefore request that the Junta and the Motril Town Hall should direct their efforts to finding a solution.

They also call for the current contract with Cicloagro (the company that presently manages this kind of waste) be revised and improved in order for arrangements to be more efficient and agile.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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