Petit Fours

Nothing special happened in Germany last month, but lots of political petit fours were consumed. Our darling politician, the Minister of Defence, had to swallow three of them within a few days. Does he know what is going on in his own ministry? – No: letters of soldiers being opened systematically; death through possible bullying on a naval training ship, and possibly deadly games amongst soldiers in Afghanistan.

It’s incredible but he did not learn about those problems from his own staff. No, he learnt about it from the soldier’s watchdog. The response was a sweeping prejudging of officers after warning the Parliament against doing just that and informing it with half-truths (or half-lies).

It looks again like he uses his office not for the good of his soldiers, but for the good of his career. The biggest faux pas pulled off by Gesine Lötzsch, the party leader of the Left (socialist) Party. Very publicly, she expressed her thoughts about communism and planned to participate in a public discussion with a convicted German terrorist. She really should learn about public relations from our darling minister, although strictly speaking, the terrorist has served her time and thus she once again enjoys civic rights like the rest of us. However to engage with her in public is softly spoken clumsy.

Talking about judicial and civil rights, the whole of Germany has been whining about sex offenders for months now. They have to be freed after serving their time, although they are still considered dangerous. They should not be free of course, but our politicians forgot for decades to pass laws to legally keep them behind bars. To simply ignore the existing law now is not an option and not worthy of a democracy. Despotism and kin liability have to remain things of the past – in the meantime, as unsatisfactory as it is, police surveillance will have to do.
Another popular pastime this month is poisoning the population with Dioxin contaminated animal feeds. In the end it won’t harm anybody, but it highlights that one food scandal chases the other. Food costs what it costs so by offering cheap food, you inevitably cut corners somewhere, perhaps with pepped-up, inedible meat, as was the case in past scandals, or with cancer-causing contaminants, as is the case now.

More frightening than the current food scandal, however, is our liberal Minister of Economy, Rainer Brüderle, born 22.06.1945. He publicly stated, that there exists no capitalism in Germany (Anne Will Show 16th January). I only can ask: ”Where have you been during the last 65 years?” In comparison to that statement, Gesine’s thoughts about communism are as innocent as a nun’s confession that she fancies Jesus Christ. No wonder that the liberals are out of favour! His party friend, Dirk Niebel, declared proudly that the sole centre for treating traumatized soldiers, which recently has been inaugurated, is a good thing, because the Army is being used more intensely since it started to operate abroad. Dirk, where have you been during the last twelve years, when the Army first went abroad in 1999? Progress after twelve years is possibly an achievement for your Ministry of Development, but perhaps you shouldn’t tax yourself on defence matters.

Finally, party chief, Guido Westerwelle, successfully fought for a tax reduction of three euros a month, which we’ll use the for higher electricity prices or higher petrol prices or higher national insurance costs or higher unemployment contributions or higher flight taxes or … Guido you have given generously, thus you will take generously.

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