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Costa Women

FTR Costa Women

Costa Women continue to grow its community and last week were excited to welcome its 8,000th member at costawomen.com.

Women Killed by Dogs

Two women were attacked and killed by the dogs belonging to one of them in her home in Colmenar de Oreja (Madrid). By the time that the ambulance had arrived the dogs were docile and playful, but moments before, according to the ambulance crew,  they had “literally devoured” the two women, mother and daughter, aged…

Harassment in Cyber Space

Internet harassment and in particular hate email is of constant agony for many victims. Luckily there are laws that one can call upon, but when the bullying or outright threats are anonymous, it is extremely difficult to trace the culprit.

No Nookie Nation

The west African country of Togo endured a week long strike by a great many of its women. They decided to stage a one week sex strike in support of a call for the resignation of the country’s long standing president, Faure Gnassingbe, whose family have managed to maintain power for decades.

Rhea & The Refuge

Did you know that Rhea was the mother of the Greek gods; and goddess of fertility, motherhood and generation? Her name means ‘flow’ and ‘ease’; and as the wife of Kronos (Time), she represents the eternal flow of time and generations.