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Coffee Break Donations

Our co-writing Docs support the charity ‘German Doctors for the 3rd World’ www.aerzte3welt.de (English language option exists). Whilst one is keeping the house in order and the people of Almuñécar healthy, the other one will take a rather long coffee break in the hillsides of Northern Nicaragua. Many readers already know about the more eccentric…

Food or Morals?

‘Food is the first thing, morals follow on’ is a famous quote from the song What Keeps Mankind Alive from Bertold Brecht’s Three Penny Opera. Maybe this is an appropriate phrase for a Boxing Day afternoon reflecting on the opulent Christmas dinner or a loose interpretation of the Pope’s Christmas message asking for more consciousness from a satisfied and saturated society.

Altering (gene) Behaviour

Our life depends upon a combination of our very own chromosomes and our environment (apart from all the events that happen and the choices we make).
But while the chromosomes with their genes (genome) are considered as the blueprint of life, many of those life experiences — the foods we eat, or the toxins we’re exposed to — indirectly affect the genes and tell them what to do.


Deadlines for the Gazette are at times a difficult thing for the writer and one would wish the following edition to be printed already one week later. Whilst the last couple of weeks in German politics hardly are worth sarcastic comments or reflection, the days after the last deadline would have been worth lots.

Eternal Affairs

What we sent abroad last month was nowhere welcome. Obama did not like Merkel, the English did not like the bomb parcel from Yemen, arriving via Cologne, and the Spanish did not like my Pope. I say, ‘My Pope,’ because he was my local bishop back in the 70’s.

387,286 & Counting

It took that many men to bring the controversy about screening for prostate cancer onto the agenda again. There had never been a unanimous agreement about sense and nonsense of screening for prostate cancer, although it feels like that there is nowadays a generally accepted “must check” approach.

Do No Harm

Sometimes I feel embarrassed when I get the big pharma-bible out to check the list of side effects of a particular medication. But what else can you do, if a patient arrives puffing and panting and the specialists already reassured him, that there is nothing wrong with him?