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Frigiliana Goes Full Wifi

By Vivienne Hughes

Lot's of towns have areas where there is free-wifi access; coastal towns have it on the beaches, for example. Frigiliana has gone further. »

Port’s WIFI Coverage

By Vivienne Hughes

According to the Chairman of the Port Authority, Francisco Álvarez de la Chica, Motril Port has the largest, free WIFI area in the whole of the province. »

Free Beach Wifi for Costa Tropical

By Hugh MacArthur

The Asociación de Chiringuitos de la Costa Tropical has decided that beach goers should have access to a free wifi connection. »

Wifi Controlled Aircon from IPS

By Vanessa Bosch

This season, IPS has a great offer: WiFi-controlled aircon units from Samsung! Wifi allows you to control the temperature in your house via your smartphone (Android/iPhone), wherever you might be. »

Blazing Wi-Fi

By Zen2net

Without a doubt, more people are enjoying mobile devices: e-book readers, iPods, iPads, tablets, as well as laptops and even PC towers; it’s almost automatic that we expect to be able to connect anything, anywhere – especially in our own homes. »

Wifi Grows

By Duncan Inglis

MotrilWifi is now available to locals in open spaces and municipal buildings. Mayor Carlos Rojas announced that five areas in town - the Town Hall, Plaza de España, Plaza de la Coronación, Parque 28 de febrero, and Parque de los Pueblos de América - are already hooked up for free Internet access, with the... »

Wifi in Public Squares

By Editor

Wifi is more readily available in the town than ever. Motrileños will soon be able to connect up in five new public places. »

Wifi in Hospital

By Editor

More on wifi: Motril’s Santa Ana Hospital is also now offering a free wifi service for its patients. »

Wifi in Los Marinos

By Editor

And on the same positive note, Barrio de los Marinos now provides free wifi Internet access for all of the residents of this low-income area of Almuñécar. »

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