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Cloud Laptops

Whether you realize it or not, if you have an email address, you are using “Cloud” storage; if you purchase anything online or use Google Docs (to share information) you are using “Cloud” storage.


Attention PC Lovers: Towers are back – in all sizes and customized!

The Next Windows Generation

FTR Zen JL15The current tech buzz is all about the next Microsoft operating system, Windows 10 (no, you did not miss 9…it never existed and the reasons don’t really matter now). What is important is what Windows 10 offers as a departure from what most PC users already know and are accustomed to. The official release date is July 29th so in advance, here are some key features for those non-Apple users:

IoT = The Internet of Things

The “Internet of All Things” is part of our daily lives and becoming more so. Some previous articles have been about the many ways that software applications are being employed and the newest hardware available.

Gear up for Gizmos

Whenever a new year rolls around, the tech industry eagerly awaits the popular Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year’s event broke all attendance records and no wonder, with breakthrough technologies being launched left and right.

We Are All Connected

Happy 2015 to all! This year as we embark on new resolutions as well as try to improve on last year’s, we realized that we’ve been writing this column for 4 years.

Open Source Content Management System (CMS)

At the beginning of the World Wide Web, back in the early 90’s, all websites were created using handcrafted HTML code. Not only did it require a certain amount of skill, but also managing large websites was a very difficult task.