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Emerging Diseases

By Wolfgang K Piller MD

Whilst it is inevitable that new infectious illnesses emerge all the time, mankind does its share to spread them more rapidly with its modern means of transport like the examples above teach us. But apart from that we have to prepare for known illnesses emerging in new populations because of the illness travelling itself.... »

All-Season Bugs

By Zen2net

Summer is upon us and with it come mosquitoes, flies, and other pesky bugs. In the PC world, “bugs” exist in several forms but many people are still confused by the terminology so we thought a refresher might be handy. »

Genes, viruses, Swine Flu…

By Wolfgang K Piller MD

...And the good news is that you are 700 times more likely never to reach a hospital after a heart attack than dying of swine flu once you have contracted it. »

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