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The Soldiers Arrive

The Spanish Army unit specialised in dealing with emergency/disaster situations (UME) docked at Motril port and have deployed in Motril and Almuñécar.

Skiers Trapped

SPN Cablecar Rescue OnL

There was quite a commotion in the Canary Islands when the cablecars on the ski slopes broke down, leaving over a hundred tourists trapped at the top of the mountain.

Tragic Stupidity

SPN La Palma Fire 02

Now into over 24 hours, the La Palma fire burns on, having claimed the life of 54-year-old Francisco José Santana; a fire that came about for the most ridiculous of reasons.

100 Fires Blaze

SPN Asturias Fires  OnL

The western end of Asturias is being threatened by over 100 different forest fires. The idea that they could be from natural causes is remote, to say the least.