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ITV Strike Avoided

By Vivienne Hughes

One of Spain's top labour unions, the UGT FICA-A, called off a strike at the ITV stations all over Andalucía that had been planned for the 8th. »

Unsafe Infoca Helicopters?

By Hugh MacArthur

(DCU 07) A national workers union has denounced the state of the infoca aircraft based at the Los Moralillos near the provincial capital of Granada. »

Hotel Bahía Protests

By Hugh MacArthur

Workers at the Hotel Bahía Tropical in Almuñécar demonstrated on the 10th against an “anti-union” attitude from the Hotel and abusing work-condition accords. »

Diver’s Death at Motril Port

By Martin Myall

The two major workers unions, CCOO and UGT lament and condemn the death of a professional diver on the 14th of August whilst working in Motril Port. »

Trade Unions Under Fire

By Martin Myall

It's not only the political parties that are wading in the detritus of their own corrupt ways, but also allegedly members of the Royal Family and... the Trade unions in Andalucia. »

But It is not Only the Politicians…

By Martin Myall

According to investigations carried out by Judge Mercedes Alaya, who is in charge of the ERE's Case, the country's two major workers unions were receiving 'irregular funding." »

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