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Salobrena on National TV

A national TV network, La Sexta, has been filming in Salobreña for a travel programme, which will be screened this month – no idea when, exactly. The filming took place down on beach side of town, as well as up in the old town, looking into the lives of the good folk of the village,…

Asking Benny

Brilliant, I thought, just as the election campaigns begin, I suddenly appear on the Mayor’s TV channel – great for neutrality, but having been knobbled, I decided to go ahead and ask him some simmering questions.

Reward for Missing TV’s

I’m looking at a press photo of a man called Ivan, who has a face that you wouldn’t like to inform that you got his daughter pregnant. But this has nothing to do with daughters or pregnancies, but has everything to do with TV’s.

Casa Técnica

The Ed dragged me in to see the guys at Casa Técnica recently… I say dragged, because I was expecting to be bored by miles of pipes and wires along with explanations about the technology where I would nod knowingly after each sentence having understood little or nothing. However, Erhard is, I am pleased to…