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Bus Runs Amok

AND Bus Runs Amock

A municipal bus in Málaga ploughed into several parked cars in the centre of Málaga after the driver suffered a heart attack on Friday.

Almuñécar Tree Treatment

If you’ve been out and about in Almuñécar during the last few days, you will have noticed little groups of municipal workmen gathered around trees on the pavements. So what are they doing we hear you asking?

The Feminine Touch

As far as I can remember, Almuñécar has never been as beautifully adorned for Christmas as this year. The spectacular Christmas tree at the Town Hall square, with hundreds of poinsettias in a 7 metre high structure, and the fabulous decorations of the many roundabouts, especially the one at Avenida Carlos I, with a huge cello in the middle.

Tree Trouble

The cutting down of trees continues to cause friction between ecologists and opposition parties, on one side, and the governing PP, on the other. Now the Regional Ombudsman has decided to get involved, bless him, at the petition of the IU.

Tree Controversy

Anybody who has walked or driven past Las Esplanadas in the town centre will have seen workers and machinery operating on the garden area. However, this has generated quite a bit of controversy because the PSOE claim that old trees are being indiscriminately cut down and the stumps uprooted.