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Slow Pet DNA Bylaw

By Hugh MacArthur

Ten months after it came into effect, the Rincón de la Victoria Town Hall is only going half heartedly at imposing its Pet-DNA measures. »

A/B Testing for Website Improvement

By Luca Vicini

A/B testing is one of the most effective practices to gain insight on user behaviour and to increase conversion rates. “Conversion Rate” is the ratio of the visits to your website that include a wanted behaviour from the user (for example a purchase for an ecommerce website) and the total number of visits within... »

Placebo, (genetic) Matter Over Mind

By Wolfgang K Piller MD

Placebo in medicine means that a drug or treatment is effective although it is not designed to be. It plays an important part in research because something ineffective is being compared to a new drug or treatment to see, whether there is a beneficial difference, thus proving that it works. »

Bowel Cancer – Trust The Medics

By Wolfgang K Piller MD

Last month two meta-analyses were published about health strategies on how to reduce the chances of developing bowel cancer. A meta-analysis is not a new piece of research, but it looks at all the published research on a subject, thus unifying conflicting results and drawing a conclusion out of the whole body of existing... »

Medical Musings

By Wolfgang K Piller MD

Axel and I have frequently written about the sense and nonsense of treatments, but hardly about tests. Tests are neither a magic wand to keep you healthy, nor to detect illness. For example everybody agrees on fasting blood sugar testing, but what does a normal result say? Everything and nothing. As a single test... »

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