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Sabina Dates

Firstly, have you been to the new Sabina’s yet? Right on the seafront at Paseo San Cristobal 11 in Almuñécar, it really is a superb location.

Estonian Swedes

At Los Nordicos last week we had the privilege to listen to an interesting lecture by historian Bengt Kummel, PhD, from Finland. The topic was “The dramatic circumstances around the transfer of Estonian Swedes to Sweden in 1944”. Dr. Kummel started by giving some historic data on the Swedish population of Estonia, a linguistic minority residing in the coastal areas and islands of what today is western and northern Estonia.

Another Drowning

A 71-year-old man drowned close to the Peñon on the 6th of this month, around 14.15h. According to the Guardia Civil report, it could have been provoked by stomach cramp (corte de digestion)