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Eulogio, The Antipode of the Banks

In these times when we hear of banks in Spain, some even after being bailed out with taxpayers’ money, evicting families from their homes, it is reassuring to read about the case of Eulogio Carmona.

Expensive Impact

(Malaga) A man with mental problems jumped from a 9th-floor to end his life after escaping from a mental ward… which is unfortunate enough, but he landed on a passerby who had just walked out of a bar, causing quite a lot of bodily mischief, which is not only unfortunate but also arguably clumsy.

La Herradura Tragedy

An incident unfolded on Thursday 23rd April while Alicia, a 35-year-old local woman was working at her cleaning job in the offices of Centro Jate de La Herradura, (underneath the Municipal Market).