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Guájar Incomunicado

Not only have the residents of Los Guájares had no or little road access owing to landslides, but Guájar Alto has also had no telephone coverage either.

Lawsuit Loony

Well, New York has now produced the lawsuit to beat all lawsuits… Anton Purisima, 62, decided that he would sue just about everybody he has ever met and some that he hasn’t. The amount he is looking for in this action? Two undecillion dollars! That is a two followed by 36 zeros.

Rich List Rage

Have you heard the one about the Saudi Prince billionaire who, despite having more personal money than some small countries, has decided to sue Forbes Magazine for underestimating his wealth? Sorry, it’s not a joke… he really is suing them!

Controversial Firings

A total of seven municipal workers have been dismissed in recent months, resulting in an ongoing court battle over alleged unfair dismissal. One of these cases has already reached a conclusion with Mari del Carmen Prados being reinstated.