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Functionaries and other Functions

Meanwhile, over in Sevilla, two town-hall clerks were arrested for allegedly stealing from the building for the last twelve years. The Guardia Civil carried out a surprise search at the Town Hall and carted off the two clerks, whom, it is considered, might have accrued over a million euros… illicitly! *Gasp!* When the 20,000-strong population…

Chavez Against the Ropes

Manuel Chavez, the current third vice-president to Prime Minister Zapatero, and former First Minister of the Junta de Andalucía (you know, those people in the sky with their eye on you) is in trouble with Andalucian Supreme Court.

The Junta and an Eye

The Junta de Andalucía has been sentenced to pay 131,000 euro in compensation to the family of a 6-year-old schoolboy who lost an eye at school.

John, Pedals and Compostela

I think that the best way to introduce this mammoth effort, which is about to be undertaken by John Allan, is to quote from his own blog: In March of this year, I made it to age 70. Inspite of 17 yrs in the regular army and many, many more flying helicopters for the offshore…

Regional News May

A 32-year-old man has been arrested for making a false report to the police, claiming that he had been robbed; he did this to cover up having spent 3,000 euros in a brothel.

Distant Hams

The Alpujarra cured hams are pretty damned famous and their popularity goes back quite a while, but were you aware just how long?

Regional News December

AND Map of Andalusian Provinces

From December on we have decided to post our Andalucía section on line, but as a string, so that you can scroll down through the articles, rather than jumping from one page to another.