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Deadlines for the Gazette are at times a difficult thing for the writer and one would wish the following edition to be printed already one week later. Whilst the last couple of weeks in German politics hardly are worth sarcastic comments or reflection, the days after the last deadline would have been worth lots.

The Hidden Advertising Truth

Surely you have come across one of those unbelievable ads of how to lose weight in your sleep. One tends to see one of those six-pack stomachs snoozing and a voice in the in-off tells you that this is how you’re going to look when taking Dr. Fartys Wonderpills. I always find these things an assault to human intelligence and wonder genuinely how anybody can believe such rubbish. Until..

Quite Prickly

Adding to Axel’s last article, we just received our new drugs formulary and very reassuringly the pharmaceutical industry has made big strides in improving your health by adding 2,500 new medications over the course of the last four years. That is more than one a day, so a daily trip to your pharmacy should become part of your routine to check what is on offer.
But this month’s subject is an old one, however in a new light: childhood vaccinations.