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Calling all Local Businesses!

If you would like to show your products or services to a nicely captive audience, then get in touch with the International School in Almuñécar. They are having a business open day and you can have a small stall for just €25 and a large one for €50. Then you are free to trade between 12 and 3pm.

Student Theatre Group

We have reported on this student theatre group before, made up of pupils from Almuñécars’ oldest secondary school, IES Antigua Sexi. SKS Teatro is a gem that enjoys more acclaim outside our municipal borders than within, but isn’t that always the story. The Spanish have a saying: Profeta en su tierra nunca prospera, which literally translates as: a prophet never prospers in his own land, or in other words, we never value our own talent amongst us.

New School Demand

We have all seen the white sheets hanging around the seafront with large black letters on them demanding a new school, and bemoaning the state of the existing facilities, so who was it the protestors were trying to get through to?