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Child of Gay Couple Refused School Enrolment

El País ran a story yesterday about a gay couple, Iván Vallejo and Ricardo Lucas, who tried to enroll their son at a Yago School in Seville, but were refused. Hearing that other parents had managed to enroll their children, they called again and omitted to mention their sexual orientation. They were immediately told there were “still spaces left for 2012-2013 year.”

Las Gaviotas Gets A Visit

Kiddies from the Colegio Público Las Gaviotas in La Herradura had a chance to meet the local firemen, police and Protección Civil volunteers and find out what to do in an emergency.

Trees Removed

The ficus tree that fell onto a parked school outside the school in the P-4 of Almuñécar has been removed, along with those near it.

Colegio San Miguel Problems

The problem with flooding at the Nerja Colegio San Miguel could have its days numbered if the Junta de Andalucía includes the school within the OLA, as requested by the Town Hall.