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Minors Sharing Porn

The Head Teacher of a school in Logroño alerted the police to the circulation of a sexual-abuse video being shared by pupils on Whatsapp. One of the parents had brought his attention to it.

Minor Uses Taser

A 16-year-old lad in Granada is being investigated by the Minors Magistrate for allegedly assaulting another boy of the same age with a taser gun.

Salobreña Emergency Drill

Just before school broke up for Easter, the kids at the Colegio Mayor Zaragoza in Salobreña got to participate in the town’s emergency drill for earthquakes and fires.

Lobres Work Recommences

Work has recommenced in Lobres, with two councillors standing around with an air of poised authority to prove it, as can be seen in the attached press photo. No idea who the third person is.