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Two Electricians Injured

Two electricians in Almuñécar were injured when they received a high-voltage discharge whilst working on a fuse box in the garage of a 4-storey building on Avenida Don Juan Carlos, just before five in the afternoon.

Sudden Death at Santa Ana

An Almuñequero, Antonio Miguel Aneas Vigo, died at the area hospital of Santa Ana in Motril from causes that can only be clarified by an impending autopsy. Sr Aneas, who was in his fifties, had not been feeling well for several days and had decided to go to Santa Ana.

Three Kings in Salobreña

The Three Kings weren’t short of company as 3,000 villagers turned out to follow the parade, but before they did the circuit, they shot off over to Hospital Santa Ana to sprinkle the younger patients with presents.

Hospital Violence

It was 9am one Saturday morning and the Emergency Department was already filling up – some people had been there hours, others were arriving. One patient, however, decided that her test results were taking too long…

Velez Benaudalla Fete

The Arab Market will be situated in la Haza la Laguna Friday 29th 21:00 hrs: Inauguration of the IV Expo Nazarí 21:30 hrs. Parade with zancudos (performers on stilts) & Acrobats Show 22:00 hrs. Banda de Música concert Saturday 30th 10:30 hrs. Opening of day market and beginning of activity workshops in the children’s Rincon…

Cake Intake Mistake

Seven youngsters ended up in hospital after eating a cannabis-laced cake. The girl who cooked it, who also needed medical attention, was not held in custody but released pending trial, although the judge decided soon after to drop the charges.

The Real Cost

Motril’s Santa Ana Hospital has begun to give patients bills in which are detailed the costs of the services provided. It is informative only, that is, the user doesn’t have to pay the bill, but its purpose is clear enough: to remind people that Social Security is not free, that, in fact, it’s incredibly expensive.

Wifi in Hospital

More on wifi: Motril’s Santa Ana Hospital is also now offering a free wifi service for its patients.

Hospital Pay-Out

Motril Hospital has got itself into the news in a rather unhealthy manner and has now to make a payment of 10,870 euros to a patient known as E.M.M.